Change Log

Recent Changes

Version 0.04

Feature: Adds an "OSExtendedInfo" string to talkback data. On Windows, this provides a string indicating whether the underlying OS is Microsoft, Wine or ReactOS. On Mac, this provides you with the Mac OS X version number (eg, 10.4.11), the build number and the Darwin version. At the moment, this field provides no additional information when run on other platforms (though it does provide something readable).

(Released: 2008-08-06.)

Version 0.03

Improve: Now grabs (and later releases) its own windows to ensure that other dialogs with grabs don't make the TclTalkback dialog unusable.

Changed: Other minor tweaks here and there.

(Released: 2008-08-04.)

Version 0.02

Bug fix: Reserved word "fromweb" changed to "output" as per documentation.

Feature: Now includes a toplevel command which retains the pinstripe background on Mac.

Improve: Button alignment now centred on Mac.

Bug fix: Cancel button now actually cancels sending the bug report.

Bug fix: Spelling corrections in default messages.

Bug fix: Server-side example script date fix.

Change: Reserved word "fromweb" changed to "output" in TclTalkback Tcl examples.

(Released: 2008-02-21.)

Version 0.01

First release. All the original features planned are in place, plus a couple of extras. A bit rough, but, ready and working.

Released: 2007-11-26.